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Unswerving Emoji

Ox emoji Meanings, synonyms, and related words for 😊 Unswerving Emoji:

Fixed, Flat, Streamlined, Diligent, Direct, Constant, Irreversible, Enduring, Insistent, Obstinate, Firm, Assiduous, Continuing, Steadfast, Persevering, Immovable, Immutable, Inflexible, Pertinacious, Invincible, Lasting, Horizontal, Linear, Even, Loyal, Stubborn, Staunch, Patient, Faithful, Plugging, Persistent, Indefatigable, Permanent, Plodding, Relentless, Preoccupied, Indomitable, Unbending, Level, Resolute, Right, Sedulous, Set, Settled, Lineal, Dogged, Smooth, Industrious, Stable, Unremitting, Immediate, Flinty, Straightaway, TRUE, Uninterrupted, Unbowed, Inalterable.

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