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😊 Amphora Emoji

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Object, Reliquary, Litre, Jug, Jar, Amphora, Crock, Vase, Flask, Jughead, Scalawag, Plastered, Potted, Ash, Cinder, Clinker, Soot.

😊 Amphora Emoji was added to the Unicode in 2015.

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😊 Droplet Emotion, Comic, Cold, Sweat, Drop
⚱️ Funeral Urn Funeral, Object, Urn
😊 Crab Pool, Animal, Crab
😊 Scorpion Arachnid, Venom, Scorpion, Animal, Arachnid
😊 Sunflower Nature, Weather, Plant, Sun, Flower
β™’ Aquarius Zodiac, Aquarius, Time
😊 Hammer Object, Tool, Hammer, Sledge hammer, Sledgehammer
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Man Cook Man, Kitchen, Cook, Human, Face
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Cook Woman, Kitchen, Cook, Human, Face
😊 Cooking Egg, Cooking, Roast, Pan, Grill
β™Œ Leo Leo, Time, Zodiac
β™Ž Libra Libra, Time, Zodiac
😊 Prayer Beads Hinduism, Buddhism, Beads, Object, Prayer
😊 Amphora Jar, Ancient rome, Amphora, Crock, Vase
βš“ Anchor Travel, Anchor, Ballast, Mooring, Naval
😊️ Sunglasses Glasses, Sunglasses, Dark, Object, Eye
😊 School Backpack Activity, Bag, School, Schoolbag, Satchel
😊 Top Hat Activity, Entertainment, Top, Hat, Tophat
😊 Graduation Cap Object, Activity, Celebration, Graduate, Mortar
😊 Lipstick Lipstick, Lip, Lip glosses, Lip gloss, Object
😊 Ring Romance, Ring, Diamond ring, Jewelry, Object
😊 Sweat Droplets Splashing, Expectorating, Moisturising, Expectorate, Moisturise
😊 Dashing Away Breeze, Blown, Whiff, Blew, Blow
😊️ Spider Animal, Insect, Spider, Arachnid, Tarantula
😊️ Spider Web Object, Animal, Spider, Web, Spinneret
😊 Bouquet Animal, Flower, Romance, Bouquet, Nature
😊 White Flower Flower, Blossom, Object
β˜„οΈ Comet Exterminate, Devastating, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Meteorite
😊 Fire Hottest, Flaming, Burning, Cremate, Hotness
😊 Christmas Tree Object, Activity, Celebration, Tree, Christmas
😊 Tanabata Tree Japan, Celebration, Tree, Bamboo, Banner
😊 Pine Decoration Activity, Plant, Japan, Celebration, Bamboo
😊 Performing Arts Mood, Face, Object, Place, Activity
😊 Artist Palette Sketching, Depicting, Painting, Artistic, Colorful
😊 Slot Machine Activity, Game, Play, Slot, Gamble
😊️ Reminder Ribbon Ribbon, Reminder, Object, Celebration, Ribbon
😊️ Admission Tickets Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Object, Entertainment
😊 Ticket Activity, Entertainment, Ticket, Admission, Object
😊️ Military Medal Celebration, Medal, Military, Honor, Object
😊 Direct Hit Strike, Shoot, Hit, Dart, Intentionality
😊 Clapper Board Entertainment, Movie, Film, Clapper, Object
β›² Fountain Water, Fountain, Gushing, Gushes, Gush
😊 Fireworks Celebration, Rocket, Pyrotechnics, Gunpowder, Firework
😊 Sparkler Firecracker, Object, Activity, Celebration, Sparkler
😊 Moon Viewing Ceremony Ceremony, Object, Activity, Japan, Celebration
😊 Person Taking Bath Bathtub, Bathing, Bath, Bathingtub, Bathhouse
😊 Person in Bed Object, Hotel, Resort, Sleeping, Motel
😊 Bomb Bomber, Bomb, Landmine, Bombing, Object
😊️ Shopping Bags Object, Bag, Hotel, Store, Shopping
😊 Gem Stone Irreproachable, Brilliantly, Flawlessly, Brilliant, Treasure
😊 Kitchen Knife Knife, Weapon, Cooking, Sword, Steel
😊️ Framed Picture Office, Picture, Frame, Illustration, Masterpiece
😊️ Bellhop Bell Bellhop, Object, Hotel, Bell, Bellhop
😊 Door Travel, Gate, Doorway, Door, Object
😊️ Bed Bedroom, Bedtime, Object, Hotel, Mattress
😊️ Couch and Lamp Couches, Lounge, Object, Hotel, Sofa
😊 Toilet Wc, Toilet, Water closet, Watercloset, Latrine
😊 Shower Bathtub, Bathing, Shower, Irrigation, Irrigating
😊 Bathtub Object, Travel, Bathtub, Bathing, Bath

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