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πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning Emoji

Woman Frowning emoji πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning emoji has similar meanings as the following words:
Human, Face, Woman, Grimace, Scowl.

πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning can be used on iOS and Android devices. It is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ In order to send the Woman Frowning emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning Emoji

There are sixty-three emoji in the Unicode library related to the πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning emoji.

😊 Grinning Face Grin, Grinning, Giggle, Chuckle, Laugh
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Wearing Turban Human, Face, Woman, Turban
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Pouting Grimace, Human, Face, Woman
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning Woman, Grimace, Scowl, Human, Face
😊 Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes Smiley, Eye, Grin, Grinning, Blissfulness
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Tipping Hand Gesture, Woman, Human, Face
πŸ˜Šβ€β™‚ Man Pouting Human, Face, Man, Grimace
☹ Frowning Face Human, Face, Grimace, Frowning, Scowl
😊 Face With Tears of Joy Tears, Joy, Human, Face
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Student Woman, School, University, Graduate, College
😊 Smiling Face With Open Mouth Mouth, Excitement, Joyfulness, Joyousness, Sniggering
😊 Rolling on the Floor Laughing Giggle, Chuckle, Laughter, Humor, Face
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Singer Vocal, Human, Face, Job, Woman
😊 Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Smiling Eyes Elate, Merry, Cheer, Glad, Glee
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Shrugging Gesture, Woman, Shrug, Human, Face
😊 Grimacing Face Awkwardness, Grimacingly, Sneeringly, Awkwardly, Grimacer
😊 Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat Perspiring, Sweatily, Sweating, Perspire, Sweaty
😊 Pouting Face Madness, Furious, Hatreds, Loathe, Fierce
😊 Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Closed Eyes Smiling, Smiley, Open, Mouth, Laughing
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Scientist Face, Job, Woman, Research, Science
😊 Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth Face, Nature, Animal, Smile, Smiling
😊 Winking Face Blinking, Winking, Naughty, Winky, Human
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Gesturing OK Woman, Ok, Human, Face, Gesture
😊 Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes Eye, Grimace, Cat, Smirk, Grin
😊 Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes Face, Smile, Smiling, Smiley, Eye
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Office Worker Business, Organization, Cubicle, Bureau, Human
😊 Pouting Cat Face Animal, Grimace, Cat, Pouting, Sulk
😊 Face Savouring Delicious Food Frivolous, Foolishly, Foolish, Goofy, Human
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Gesturing NO Gesture, Woman, No, Human, Face
😊 Person Frowning Person, Gesture, Grimace, Frowning, Scowl
😊 Smiling Face With Sunglasses Smiling, Smiley, Eye, Sun, Bright
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Astronaut Cosmonaut, Human, Face, Job, Woman
πŸ˜Šβ€β™‚ Man Frowning Scowl, Human, Face, Man, Grimace
😊 Smiling Face With Heart-eyes Face, Heart, Smile, Smiling, Smiley
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Getting Massage Woman, Massage, Human, Face, Woman
😊 Face Blowing a Kiss Human, Face, Heart, Kiss, Human
πŸ˜Šβ€βš– Woman Judge Job, Woman, Magistrate, Justice, Jury
😊 Person Pouting Grimace, Pouting, Human, Face, Person
😊 Kissing Face Human, Face, Love, Kiss, Kissing
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Getting Haircut Woman, Haircut, Human, Face, Woman
😊 Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes Smiley, Eye, Love, Kiss, Human
😊 Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Human, Face, Eye, Kiss, Closed
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Raising Hand Face, Gesture, Woman, Human, Face
☺ Smiling Face Human, Face, Smile, Smiling, Smiley
πŸ˜Šβ€βœˆ Woman Pilot Face, Job, Woman, Aircraft, Fly
😊 Slightly Smiling Face Smiling, Smiley, Happiness, Human, Face
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Firefighter Job, Woman, Rescuer, Fireman, Human
😊 Neutral Face Face, Deadpan, Poker, Neutral, Pessimistically
😊 Expressionless Face Impassive, Expressionless, Human, Face, Unexpressive
😊 Hugging Face Hugging, Face, Emotion, Hug, Embrace
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Facepalming Human, Face, Gesture, Woman, Facepalm
😊 Face Without Mouth Mouth, Silent, Human, Face, Mouth
😊 Thinking Face Consider, Cogitate, Cerebrate, Believe, Philosophical
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Farmer Human, Face, Job, Woman, Farm
😊 Smirking Face Gibe, Human, Face, Smile, Smirk
πŸ˜Šβ€πŸ˜Š Woman Cook Kitchen, Cook, Human, Face, Job
😊 Persevering Face Persevering, Persevere, Perserve, Hold on, Continue
😊 Mrs. Claus Human, Face, Woman, Christmas, Santa claus
😊 Disappointed but Relieved Face Relief, Ease, Alleviate, Apprehensing, Apprehension
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Construction Worker Face, Building, Woman, Infrastructure, Human
😊 Face With Open Mouth Surprising, Impressing, Impressive, Astonishes, Marvelling
😊 Face With Rolling Eyes Face, Emotion
πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Guard Safeguard, Lineman, Bodyguard, Human, Face


πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning emoji was added to the Unicode Data in 2010.

Code for the πŸ˜Šβ€β™€ Woman Frowning Emoji

U+1F64D U+200D U+2640 U+FE0F

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