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😊 Sunflower Emoji

Sunflower emoji 😊 Sunflower emoji has similar meanings as the following words:
Nature, Weather, Plant, Sun, Flower, Sunflower.

😊 Sunflower can be used on iOS and Android devices. It is also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

😊 In order to send the Sunflower emoji, you can just copy-paste the emoji symbol on the left.

Symbols related to 😊 Sunflower Emoji

There are fifty-four emoji in the Unicode library related to the 😊 Sunflower emoji.

β˜€ Sun Sunlight, Solar, Weather, Sun, Bright
β˜‚ Umbrella Umbrella, Canopy, Weather, Rain, Umbrella
β›… Sun Behind Cloud Sun, Cloud, Weather
β›± Umbrella on Ground Travel, Weather, Sun, Rain, Umbrella
⭐ White Medium Star Importantly, Appreciable, Yellowstar, Remarkable, Important
😊 Closed Umbrella Canopy, Weather, Rain, Umbrella
😊 Sunrise Over Mountains Morning, Hill, Place, Weather, Sun
😊 Sunrise Sun, Sunrise, Morning, Place, Weather
😊 New Moon Orbit, Moon, Dark, Tenebrious, Darkening
😊 Waxing Crescent Moon Crescent, Waxing, Place, Weather, Time
😊 First Quarter Moon Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Quarter
😊 Waxing Gibbous Moon Orbit, Moon, Waxing, Gibbous, Place
😊 Full Moon Full, Full moon, Fullmoon, Place, Weather
😊 Waning Gibbous Moon Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon, Waning
😊 Last Quarter Moon Time, Orbit, Moon, Quarter, Place
😊 Waning Crescent Moon Crescent, Waning, Place, Weather, Time
😊 Crescent Moon Place, Weather, Time, Orbit, Moon
😊 Sun With Face Weather, Sun, Galaxy, Bright, Face
😊 Sun Behind Small Cloud Cloud, Weather, Sun
😊 Sun Behind Large Cloud Weather, Sun, Cloud
😊 Sun Behind Rain Cloud Weather, Sun, Cloud, Rain, Drizzle
😊 Seedling Young, Seedling, Seed, Germination, Sprouting
😊 Evergreen Tree Tree, Forest, Evergreen, Coniferous, Evergreen tree
😊 Deciduous Tree Tree, Forest, Shedding, Deciduous, Treetop
😊 Palm Tree Palm tree, Nature, Plant, Tree, Palm
😊 Cactus Plant, Cactus, Cactuses, Nature, Plant
😊 Tulip Nature, Plant, Flower, Tulip, Narcissus
😊 Cherry Blossom Cherry, Bloom, Nature, Plant, Flower
😊 Rose Flower, Rose, Rosaceae, Rosebushes, Rosebush
😊 Hibiscus Hibiscus, Nature, Plant, Flower
😊 Sunflower Plant, Sun, Flower, Sunflower, Nature
😊 Blossom Blossoming, Blooming, Bloom, Nature, Plant
😊 Sheaf of Rice Nature, Plant, Rice, Ear, Grain
😊 Herb Greenery, Organic, Grasses, Bushes, Grass
😊 Flower Playing Cards Object, Activity, Japan, Game, Flower
😊 Monkey Ape, Nature, Animal, Monkey, Ape
😊 Monkey Face Monkey, Face, Nature, Animal, Monkey
😊 Dog Face Nature, Animal, Pet, Dog, Puppy
😊 Alien Unknown, Strange, Foreigner, Foreign, Alienating
😊 Bouquet Romance, Bouquet, Nature, Object, Animal
😊 Pile of Poo Crap, Shit, Dirt, Slop, Muck
😊 White Flower Flower, Blossom, Object
😊 Smiling Face With Sunglasses Eye, Sun, Bright, Glasses, Sunglasses
😊 Face With Medical Mask Cold, Under, Mask, Medical, Human
😊 Grinning Cat Face With Smiling Eyes Smiley, Eye, Grimace, Cat, Smirk
😊 Cat Face With Tears of Joy Cat, Tears, Joy, Happiness, Delight
😊 Smiling Cat Face With Open Mouth Grimace, Cat, Mouth, Smirk, Face
😊 Smiling Cat Face With Heart-eyes Nature, Animal, Heart, Smile, Smiling
😊 Cat Face With Wry Smile Ironic, Face, Nature, Animal, Smile
😊 Kissing Cat Face With Closed Eyes Face, Nature, Animal, Eye, Cat
😊 Pouting Cat Face Cat, Pouting, Sulk, Face, Nature
😊 Crying Cat Face Sad, Cry, Face, Nature, Animal
😊 Weary Cat Face Cat, Weary, Surprised, Fatigue, Oh
😊 Wilted Flower Flower, Droop, Nature


😊 Sunflower emoji was added to the Unicode Data in 2010.

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